My top tools for protecting your energy



I first came across this quote and poster on Facebook. The owner of a page I followed was opening up about her experience of being amongst crowds or big groups of people. The fact that it affected her on an energetic level. As I scrolled down I noticed people commenting that they too had the same or similar experiences.

The status and the comments took me back to my early teens and twenties. At that time I knew that I was psychic but I didn’t have a clue about clearing, grounding and protecting my energy. This all changed when I went on a psychic development course as I was introduces to a tool that would enable me to protect myself on an energetic level.

Prior to this I was frequently having headaches, experiencing dips in my energy, feeling tired and riding the waves of my emotions. The reason this was happening was down to the fact that I wasn’t clearing, grounding and protecting my energy. Instead I was frequently doing an energy exchange with energy vampires, as some people call them. Attracted to my light these people would literally drain my energy, leaving me with very little or their own lower energy. Looking back, I recall my teens and early twenties being a particularly rough time for me energetically. It was a time of bullying, upheaval and confusion.

By nature I’ve always been quite free spirited, happy, content and full of energy. I was the type of person who’d always bounce back with a positive and fearless attitude. With this in mind it’s no wonder that my energy was such a threatening delight to others. However, with certain friends and situations I would find that I would go from feeling positive and on top of the world to feeling like $#!t. In the meantime the other person felt better whilst I was left with a headache.

Although I could feel the shift I had no idea what was happening. Worst of all I just thought it was me and that I needed to get a grip. But this wasn’t entirely the case. What I needed was to cleanse, clear, ground and protect myself. Fast forward to the present day and I now have a selection of tools that support me in doing this. Some of this tools have been passed down by my spiritual teachers and friends. In many cases my guides and the Archangels have guided me in tailoring these tools to better suit me and my lifestyle.

Today, I will share with you two of the tools I use to protect myself energetically. The beauty of these tools is that they are quick and easy to do. After all, we are all living busy lives and there isn’t always the time to perform elaborate rituals.

Archangel Michaels cloak of protection


This is my favourite energy protection method because it’s time effective. I, like any other normal person, sometimes skip my daily practice. When I do this I usually know about later in the day as my energy dips, along with my mood. So I try not to let this happen. However, on the days when I need to rev up my protection, especially at work around the chronic complainers, I use this to protect my energy.

All I do is imagine Archangel Michael wrapping a cloak of protection around me. I see the cloak wrapped around me and I pull the hood over my head. I give thanks for the grounding and protection from lower energies and entities. And that is it.

In recent weeks I have found this to be effective and really comforting. It’s as if a wave of calm and peace comes over me in that moment. Leaving me feeling safe, grounded and protected.

Protection Bubble

I usually use this method when I have more time, really taking the time to visualise and state my intention. This method is one I tend to use after a big chakra/energetic clear out or after some self Angel Healing. Sometimes I also combine it with method number 2 for added protection.

  • Sit or lie down, taking deep breaths in through your nose and our through your mouth. As you do so see white light entering your body, whilst you allow yourself to relax fully.
  • Call on God and your guides, Archangels who work for God’s light only (or whoever you believe in). At this point I say a prayer of thanks – thanking them all for their love, guidance and protection. As well inviting them to walk with me today.
  • Visualise a bubble of protection all around you. This bubble is big and you can see out of it clearly. Affirm that this is your bubble of protection, protecting you from lower energies and entities.
  • Depending on the situation or persons I will be around that day I will add a mirror to my bubble. A mirror that will deflect the energy away from you to the universe for transmutation.
  • Sit in your bubble and see white light, positive energy coming towards you. Enjoy being filled with this energy and, when you are ready, open your eyes.

So, there you have it, 2 of my favourite tools for protecting my energy. Feel free to share these with friends, family and cyber mates. Try them out yourself and let me know how you get on. Incidentally, if you have any tools that you’d like to share then it would be great to hear from you. I’m always looking for new tools and practices to add to my spiritual bag.


A lesson learnt


As my manager walked into the room a feeling of dread washed over me. I hadn’t done anything wrong and it wasn’t that I disliked her as a person. It was just that her energy didn’t resonate with me and hadn’t been resonating for a long time.  This was largely due to the fact that she had been feeling isolated, drained, stressed and fearful about a whole host of things on the work-front.  Therefore, her energy had been very much routed in fear and every time she walked in a room I, literally felt her energy!

I listened as she and a colleague moaned about the perils of our working environment. I listened as they lamented over the toll that it was having on their body.  Suddenly, all eyes were on me, as they waited to hear if I was feeling the same way.  Fortunately for me I didn’t feel the same way.  Taking time out for daily meditation, mixed with Angelic Reiki self-healing, prayer and a healthy dose of sleep were helping me to fight off the chronic exhaustion that was plaguing our working environment. Openly, I shared that I didn’t feel the same way.  Silence followed my declaration.  Despite not making eye contact with either party I felt a rush of energy hurtling towards me from my manager, attaching itself like a little patch of heat.  My manager wasn’t impressed and didn’t want to hear that I felt fine.  She wasn’t going to let me know this verbally but, energetically, her annoyance was felt.  Silently I returned to my magazine.  But the damage and energy exchange had already begun.

In the moment’s that followed my manager’s mood changed, as did mine.  My manager seemed calmer, happier and more at peace.  Whereas, I felt lethargic, annoyed and isolated for the rest of the day. However, in hindsight this situation taught me a few things about energy, protecting my energy and how to effectively handle negative people/situations. So, in no particular order, here are my top 5 lessons:

As a sensitive I know about protection and the importance of protecting my energy. However, back then I didn’t practise this as often as I should have. I was very good at meditating regularly, praying each day and giving myself occasional Angelic Reiki self-healing.  But having cleared the lower energy and raised my vibration I would find that I would attract energy vampires who were drawn to my light. Unbeknown to them energetic transfers would take place between them, leading me to take on their negative energy as if it were my own.

As a light worker there was not and still isn’t any real need for this to be happening as often as it was. Therefore, in response to this I now protect my energy on a daily basis.  Doing so, by calling on my beloved Archangel Michael.  Inviting him to cover me with his blue cloak of protection and protect me from all forms of lower forms of energy.  Other methods I use include activating my bubble of protection and energy mirrors.  All of these methods support me in staying grounded and not absorbing the negative and lower energy of others.

I can feel exchanges of energy and know when an energetic exchange has occurred. This is something that I now use and work with to my advantage, rather than allowing the ego to step in and leading me further into the negativity by indulging in self-pity, anger, gossip or judging others. We all have the capacity to be more aware of the energetic changes that are going on around us and within all the time.  A daily meditation practise and regular Angelic Reiki healing enables me to clear my energy.  In doing so I can feel the difference when in the company of energy vampires and use this knowledge to make a choice to respond with my ego or my Higher self. 

A Course of Miracles teaches us that in any situation you can choose love or fear. You can’t choose both and only one is real. In my scenario you can see that I’m aware of the energetic exchange. From that place of awareness I chose to respond from a place of fear rather than love. In adopting that fearful response I took on all of the negative feelings that weren’t mine. Negative feelings that didn’t exist before the energetic exchange. It is only in hindsight that I responded from a place of love but how different that moment, that day could have been if I’d chosen love. Now, when faced with a similar situation I try to make that choice to respond from a place of love by simply affirming: “That energy is not mine. I choose love over fear. Only love is real. And so it is.”


I recall a time when I worked with someone who wasn’t very nice to me. At the time I asked a really successful friend for some advice on how to deal with her and his response was: “Agree with her”.  This sounded crazy but he explained that by doing this I made her feel good which allowed me to get on with my job with no drama. So on Monday morning I tried this with my then colleague and it worked a treat. Sadly, I didn’t adopt this strategy with my manager at that time but I do try to adopt this strategy when dealing with negative people.

Also, in thinking back to this scenario I was taken back to a vlog by Gabrielle Bernstein where she talks about using a similar strategy when dealing with negative people.  You can check it out here.

Looking back on the scenario I see that my manager was looking for someone to wallow with her. She wasn’t looking for positivity or a solution. All she wanted was a sounding board and someone to listen. She wasn’t ready for solutions, opinions especially not those of a spiritual kind.

Therefore, I learnt that in scenarios where negativity seems to prevail my best response can often be to agree in an empathetic way:  “I can imagine you are tired.” “Yes, I can see how stressed this must be making you feel. I don’t know how you do it.”


Much of the time I found that the vast majority of negative people that I have encountered had no idea that they were energetically draining. Therefore, it was important for me to recognise that they were not draining me on purpose.  Therefore, forgiving the other person and myself, especially in situations that left me feeling sad or angry.  In doing so I was taking steps to release the situation, the other person and myself.  This ensured that the situation and person no longer had power over me.  Thus allowing me to continue on my path in peace and love.

Ultimately, I’ve learnt that I am only responsible for my own peace, thoughts and actions. I’m fortunate enough to have and know the tools that are at my disposal to enable me to do this. All I need to do is use them. This requires a conscious effort but it will all be worth it in the end.

How do you handle working with or being around negative people? What tips can you share to protect your energy? Share your tips here. Maybe you need some advice on how to maintain your peace in negative situations. If that’s you, then feel free to post your question in the comment box below.