Doreen virtue

Angel inspiration and guidance



Each week I draw 3 cards for guidance for the week ahead. More often than not I will use my Healing with the Angels Oracle card deck by Doreen Virtue. However, there are times that I’ll be drawn to use one of my other decks.

This week I have drawn the following cards:

  • Divine Guidance
  • Answered Prayer
  • Ideas & Inspiration

For me I get the feeling that these cards are guiding me to the importance of meditation, quiet time and grounding. All of these things help me with my connection to the Higher Realm and Divine Energies, making me a clear channel for their communication.

As a psychic clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient I receive guidance from the energies in a variety of ways. Being grounded and making time for meditation makes it easier for me to receive Divine guidance.

Prayer is also important to me and over the years I have refined the way I pray, taking inspiration from Kyle Gray. I now pray from a place of faith and certainty, affirming that my prayers will be answered. That I will receive what I am asking for, if not better. I then allow myself to be guided by the energies around me. Once again, being a clear channel for this is essential to me. Bringing us back to the importance of grounding and meditation.

Ideas and inspiration come from a variety of places and faces for me. Making being in that state of awareness and place of being so important.

How do you receive guidance from the energies around you? Do you use tarot and Oracle cards to guide you? If so, do you have any tips to share? Please feel free to comment below.