Angel inspiration and guidance



Each week I draw 3 cards for guidance for the week ahead. More often than not I will use my Healing with the Angels Oracle card deck by Doreen Virtue. However, there are times that I’ll be drawn to use one of my other decks.

This week I have drawn the following cards:

  • Divine Guidance
  • Answered Prayer
  • Ideas & Inspiration

For me I get the feeling that these cards are guiding me to the importance of meditation, quiet time and grounding. All of these things help me with my connection to the Higher Realm and Divine Energies, making me a clear channel for their communication.

As a psychic clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient I receive guidance from the energies in a variety of ways. Being grounded and making time for meditation makes it easier for me to receive Divine guidance.

Prayer is also important to me and over the years I have refined the way I pray, taking inspiration from Kyle Gray. I now pray from a place of faith and certainty, affirming that my prayers will be answered. That I will receive what I am asking for, if not better. I then allow myself to be guided by the energies around me. Once again, being a clear channel for this is essential to me. Bringing us back to the importance of grounding and meditation.

Ideas and inspiration come from a variety of places and faces for me. Making being in that state of awareness and place of being so important.

How do you receive guidance from the energies around you? Do you use tarot and Oracle cards to guide you? If so, do you have any tips to share? Please feel free to comment below.



Cleanse and clear meditation


There are times in all of our lives where we feel stressed, anxious and tired. Before discovering meditation I world have a melt down, turn to shopping, partying or boozing with my mates to numb myself from these negative feelings. For a moment I would experience peace, joy and contentment but these moments would fade quickly. It would be at these times that I would turn to prayer, which created space for me to cry and have a real outlet for the feelings that I’d been hiding from. However, I often felt I couldn’t “hear” the guidance from God and the Divine energies around me. This was until I discovered meditation.

Prayer was my outlet. My release. My petition to God but what I needed was to hear that guidance. Meditation enabled that to happen. Through meditation I gained quiet time. A time I could distance myself from the clutter in my mind, allowing what wasn’t immediately needed to simply filter through and out of me. This made space for the quiet whispering from God and the Divine energies to come through. It was here that true clarity, peace and insight came about.

It works for me but that isn’t to say it’s for everyone. However, I am happy to share with you a meditation I have used to cleanse and clear. Please feel free to comment and share this with others. However in doing so I ask that you reference it back to me on this blog page. Enjoy.

 The meditation

  • Take a few deep breaths. In through your nose and out through your mouth. You could do this in cycles of four and repeat three times. Eg: Inhale for four seconds, exhale for four seconds. Repeat this three times. This should help you to begin to feel calm and relax. I always affirm that I am a channel for love and light, for my protection.
  • Visualise a bright light above your head. The light from the Creator bask in this light for a moment or two. Feeling its warmth on your body.
  • See the light come down, pass through your crown and chakra. As it does so it cleanses and clears any dark energy. You may feel some emotions or have thoughts at this time. Allow them to come and go without judgement. It may be these are things that need to he released.
  • As the light comes down to your feet see it go down, down and down into Mother Earth’s core, taking with it any dark energy picked up in your auric field. Allow Mother Earth to transmute and recycle this without judgement.
  • Enjoy the feeling for as long as feelings necessary. Before allowing the light to rise up again through your body back up to the creator. Watch this light fade away but know that you can access it anytime. Rest assured that the light of the creator is present within you too.

I also meditate with crystals too. If you would like details about the crystals I use for different areas of my life please leave a comment below and I shall endeavour to respond as quickly as I can.