Are you open and ready to receive?

Grounding is very important for this week ahead. Take time to ground yourself on a daily basis and, at another points throughout your day, if you feel a little ungrounded.

I am feeling this due to the energy of Mars and the Full Moon which has left many of us contemplating and pondering.

As the residual energy of the Mars and Full Moon lingers and fades, it is important to ground yourself, especially if you have been practising self-healing.

Mother, Wife, Sister, Daughter – Lady Nada
The feeling I have is that the beginning of this week is about striking a balance between our male and female energies. This seems to link in well with the Mars energy which is more masculine and the Moon which is more feminine. In order to move more seamlessly through the week and clear the residual energy there is a need to balance the masculine and feminine within. The masculine energy which drives us to rush in, make quick decisions and take a leap of faith Vs the feminine energy which is more graceful, thoughtful and intuitive. Finding a balance between the two at the beginning of the week will enable us to make clearer decisions that come from a more authentic place. At the same time it will enhance our relationships with others, particularly the women in our lives, be them at work or home.

Persistence – Lugh
Those of us who have felt unsettled and as if we are going nowhere fast are now urged to be persistent, to not give up. By grounding ourselves and balancing our energy it is more likely that our persistence will be perceived in a more positive light by others. You know how it is when a persistent comes forward to you from a very aggressive or needy place. Although their words may not be aggressive or needy their energy can be felt. When our energy is balanced our persistence is less likely to be perceived as a threat or damn right annoying.

If there is something that you want to achieve or manifest do not give up. Be persistence and keep going for it.

Energy Healing – Merlin
Merlin is commonly known as a wizard. An Ascended Master who is said only comes to those who are truly ready to spark that magic that lies within. He will teach those who are ready how to work with this magic for the Highest Good. With this in mind I feel that this card is calling us to remember the importance of self care and healing in order to get in touch with the magic within, but also ignite that spark of Divinity that is needed to manifest our deepest desires.

It would also be a good time to clear the energy within your home, car and place of work, as well as the energy within. This I feel will aid you in making space for what it is that you want to attract into your life.


Personally, I feel that this is a week which I term The Dark before the Dawn. An awakening is occurring. “Imminent” is a word I am given so I feel blessings are imminent for those who are open and ready to receive.

Are you open to receiving? Are you ready to receive?



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